Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings

Chrissy Teigen is a goddess. In addition to having the wittiest comebacks on Twitter and an awesome husband, she is an excellent cook. My sister and I have made several recipes from her book, Cravings, and they are (1) delicious, (2) just the right amount of difficulty, (3) don’t take too long, and (4) don’t use weird ingredients. Here are some of the things from her book that we’ve made:

Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts with Bacon – I got rave reviews when I made this! All the flavors – blue cheese, balsamic, bacon, garlic, etc. – go so well together.


Skillet-Charred Fish Tacos – so good and so easy! We also take the mango-avocado salsa that’s supposed to go with her Chipotle-Honey Chicken (which we have tried before – way too spicy) and use that as a topping for the tacos. The spicy mayo is also key to these. Also in this picture – Mexican Street Corn. The cheese is a nice touch to the corn. The mayo is essential for deliciousness and also helping the cheese stick onto the corn.


John’s Tuscan Brick Chicken with Charred Lemons – really great flavor; so good that my sister served this at her housewarming party to 30 people!


Chicken Lettuce Wraps – or “mixed up chicken” as my niece Natalie likes to say… it’s her favorite meal!


Buttery Green Beans – kind of weird because they’re way too sweet.


Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe – my sister’s stove gets pretty hot so this was a little burned, but still delicious with a nice cheesy lemon flavor.


Chrissy’s (NOT John’s) Mac & Cheese – my sister felt a little ashamed buying American cheese, since apparently it’s not real cheese, but this mac and cheese is amazing! The cheesy garlic bread crumbs really make the dish.


Pad Grapow Chicken (Basil Chicken) – pretty normal.


The only thing with Chrissy is that she goes a little extreme with oil, butter, garlic, and at least for me, spice. You can definitely get away with putting in two-thirds or even half of what she suggests. But overall, I love Chrissy’s recipes and I know she’s developing a second cookbook and I CAN’T WAIT!

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