For one of my weekends in Europe, I decided to visit Budapest! I have heard great things about the city. I loved my time in Prague and wanted to see more of Eastern Europe. I love how cheap the food is!


Of course, I had to try goulash and I had it several different times while I was in Budapest. My recommendation would be to actually go to a restaurant and order it. I had it a couple times, once in front of Buda Castle, and another time in the Central Market, where you buy by weight. I found that these aren’t really that great – in the Central Market the guy literally scooped it out of the pan, put it into the microwave and heated it up before serving it to me. However, at Menza, it was served with egg noodles and actually tasted like they might have made it right after I ordered it, and I got what the big deal was about. It’s made with Hungarian paprika, which has a nice smoky taste to it.


I also tried langos, which is basically a deep fried bread sort of similar to naan. The most popular toppings are sour cream and cheese; I just got cheese and garlic which was pretty good too. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was a nice, simple meal to fill up on.

It was SO HOT the entire time I was in Budapest – it was 95 degrees and sunny each of the three days I was in the city. However, I used this as an excuse to eat some of the best and definitely prettiest gelato I’ve ever had.

Located right by St. Stephen’s Basilica, Gelarto Rosa is the #1 place to get dessert in Budapest according to TripAdvisor, and has way more reviews than any other place. I seriously planned my sightseeing around stopping by this place for a quick treat.


They shape the gelato into roses – so pretty! This was my fruity one with four flavors: basil lemon, mango, raspberry and peach. Like all food in Hungary, this was so cheap – 750 HUF or $2.66 USD.


The next time I went, I got 3 flavors: vanilla, Oreo, and hazelnut. So good!!

I wish I had more time to try more food in Budapest – I wouldn’t have felt too bad about it because it is all so inexpensive! I think I spent about $50 on food the whole three days I was in Budapest, and I definitely didn’t starve. I’m looking forward to my next trip to Eastern Europe!


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