Nyhavn Harbor

Last weekend, I went on a trip to Copenhagen! Why Copenhagen, you ask? Well, have you ever used Google Flights? Similar to Kayak, it’s a great tool to compare flight prices. But the one feature that is especially useful for me is that you can leave your destination blank, and it will show you a map with all the places you can go with each city labeled with the cheapest price. I entered in the dates I was planning to travel, did a quick look at the map, saw that a roundtrip ticket to Copenhagen cost $41 (yes, FORTY-ONE U.S. dollars), and quickly booked my flight!

Copenhagen is kind of known for being a foodie city – it has 15 Michelin restaurants, which is a lot for a city of only a million people. It’s also home to Noma, a former #1 best restaurant in the world (#3 this year). For comparison’s sake, Copenhagen has 4 restaurants in the Top 100 World’s Best Restaurants, while Chicago has 1 and London has 5.

Of course, with booking my flight so last minute, I wasn’t able to get a table at any of the four Top 100 restaurants. However, I was able to get a table at Manfred’s & Vin, a sister restaurant to Relae, which is one of the Michelin star restaurants in Copenhagen. Manfred’s & Vin is just one of many restaurants that serve New Nordic cuisine.

There is a separate menu, but I decided to go with the 7 course tasting menu. One by one, little dishes came out as they were ready. I’m still not entirely sure what everything was but here are my very basic descriptions:

– cucumbers in a yogurt sauce with sage
– poached eggs with salmon truffles
– pork shoulder
– asparagus with hazelnut sauce
– radishes and cabbage
– potatoes with a pesto-like sauce
– smoked trout

I’m pretty sure that I got the same portions served to tables of 2, so I definitely got my money’s worth. I’m glad I experienced the cuisine, but I can’t say that I totally loved it. However, it was pretty good for being mostly vegetarian. The 7 course menu was 250 DKK, or about $37.

Copenhagen is also known for smørrebrød, or open faced sandwiches. The next day for lunch, I rode a bike that I rented from the hostel to Aamanns Deli. I asked the waitress if I should get 2 or 3 sandwiches, and she said if I was hungry I should get 3. So I selected the chicken salad, beef sirloin, and beef tartare sandwiches.

I think in my head it didn’t really connect that beef tartare is raw beef. However when I showed my family this picture, my brother-in-law was disgusted that I ate it! I didn’t think it was too bad. My favorite was probably the chicken salad one. These little sandwiches are expensive though! 65 DKK each, which is almost $10.

Lastly, Copenhagen is known for their hot dog stands everywhere. I probably ate three meals of hot dogs during my 2.5 days in Copenhagen. My favorite, of course, was the hot dog wrapped in bacon. It was a toss-up on if I’d get a bun or not with it – I didn’t quite figure that out with the language barrier.

Overall, a great foodie weekend in Copenhagen! Next time I’ll have to plan in advance to visit a Michelin rated restaurant.


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