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Covent Garden Eats

IMG_0850During the week, I’m in the suburbs of London, but if I stay for the weekend, I will move hotels and actually stay in the city. Lately I’ve been staying in the Holburn area (pronounced HO-burn for some reason), which is near the British Museum. It’s also a quick walk to Primark, my guilty pleasure crappy quality clothes store, and Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is a pretty happenin’ place! There’s always a ton of people having drinks at the Market Building (pictured above) and just people watching. There’s lots of shopping around too.


I learned about Pizza Pilgrims from this list on Thrillist of The 16 Worst Restaurant Decisions You Can Make in London. #1 is “Eating at Pizza Express on Dean St when Pizza Pilgrims is across the street.” I’ve actually eaten at Pizza Express before and it wasn’t bad. Anyway, Pizza Pilgrims has a great website where you can order takeaway and pick it up at a specific time, so I did just that and walked 15 minutes back to my hotel to dig in. I got the nduja pizza, which is a margherita pizza with spicy pork sausage. It was really tasty but the whole pizza, as you can see, was pretty watery. Also, this is basically the only meat pizza on the menu. Sorry, but I like my pepperoni, sausage, and canadian bacon. However, I’ve been back to Pizza Pilgrims many times so that says something about how delicious it is!


At Burger & Lobster, there are only 3 options: burger, lobster, or lobster roll. Each is £20, so obviously, the lobster seems like the best deal. I’ve been here twice – both times I was seated relatively quickly at the bar, and ordered grilled lobster. The lobster is really easy to eat and comes with a delicious butter dipping sauce!


I learned about Bone Daddies once again from Thrillist, this time on their article about The 10 Best Dishes in London. I got the tonkotsu ramen, which is the dish on the list. It was perfectly good ramen…

….but I’ve also been to Tonkotsu, which I like a little better than Bone Daddies. They also have their own Tonkotsu ramen, which is pictured below. I find it a little hard to break up the big pieces of pork, so I prefer their Tokyo ramen – somehow the pork belly seems to be more of a pork bellyish consistency and it’s easy to break apart. The broth is also made of pork AND chicken stock, which I like better too.



And then of course, there’s Shake Shack! Located right in the historic Market Building, this is my go-to meal if I just want something quick to eat. Surprisingly, this Shake Shack has the shortest line of any Shake Shack I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of understandable, since there are already a lot of similar burger places in London (like Honest Burgers and Byron). It has the exact same menu as it does in the States, except like all of the Shake Shacks, the concretes (custard ice cream) kind of give you a hint of the location. The concrete pictured is named Sticky Toffee – vanilla custard, chocolate toffee, paul.a.young chocolate chunks, salted caramel sauce, and malt powder. Yum!

One last place I’ve liked in the area is Gelupo! Great gelato with creative flavors, like ricotta coffee & honey and amaretti & apricot, and standard flavors, like mint chocolate chip and hazelnut. Just make sure to go well before closing time – instead of restocking the flavors, once the run out, they just don’t sell any more of that flavor that day.