Velvet Taco


My friend Tom and I like going to new places to eat, so we decided to try out Velvet Taco! It just opened earlier this month on State Street, and is the first location outside of Texas. We went at 6 pm, so it wasn’t too busy, but while we were eating the place definitely started to fill up.


The menu is separated into chicken, beef, fish, pork, vegetarian, and brunch tacos and there are a couple varieties for each. There’s lots of kinds that I’d try – buffalo chicken, fish n’ chips, ahi poke, shredded pork, and even fried paneer.


I got the #11 Grilled Flank Steak (portobello, white queso, grilled red onion, mex-oregano, corn tortilla) and the #9 Crisp Pork Belly (house pickles, pickled fresnos, grain mustard, tomato, red onion, micro celery, poppy seed, celery salt, flour tortilla). I liked the pork belly one but wasn’t in love with the grilled flank steak – the queso tasted weird on it and it was hard to eat the steak.


Tom got the #7 Cuban Pig (gruyere cheese, slow roasted pulled pork, shaved ham, peppered bacon, grain mustard, house brined pickle, crisp flour tortilla) and the #3 Spicy Chicken Tikka (crisp tenders, spicy pepper sauce, buttered
cilantro basmati rice, raita crema, thai basil, flour tortilla). He liked them both, and when he told me the chicken tikka one was really good, a random guy sitting next to us chimed in that the chicken tikka is his favorite of them all. I guess I know what I’m getting next time!


Finally, the best thing here was the tater tots, served with a local egg, herbed goat cheese, smoked cheddar, avocado crema, and bacon. All things that I love that you wouldn’t think to put together!

Can’t wait to go back and try some more things on the menu including the elote-style corn and the red velvet cake!


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