Plated Review

IMG_0302 (1)I’m not really sure what I was looking for on the internet, but I stumbled upon a coupon code for Plated, a subscription service that sends you pre-proportioned fresh ingredients to make meals at home. You buy “plates” of each dish and then they send you exactly what you need to make two “plates” of the meal you selected. My coupon code was basically buy 2 plates and get 4 additional plates for free, so this means I had 3 dishes to choose. Each week they have a different selection of around 6 to 8 dishes to try. I chose Tilapia Coconut Curry, Mustard Chicken with Hash, and Carrot Coriander Soup.

You select what day you want your food to come, and that’s it! It came as scheduled in this HUGE box with a ton of ice packs included. The first dish I made was the Tilapia Coconut Curry. Each meal comes with a easy to read one pager on how to make the dish:


For me, the cool thing about this service is that they send you exactly the right amounts of every ingredient you need. I always hate it when there’s a recipe online that looks good, but it needs like a teaspoon of one ingredient that I don’t have and don’t think I’ll ever use again. For example, this recipe uses curry paste, a vegetable base, and coconut milk – all things I would never stock at home. Now the bad part:

IMG_0303 (1)

I’m no expert on eggplants, but I was pretty sure they aren’t supposed to look like this! I did complain and they gave me a $15 credit for next time.

Here’s the finished product:


This was pretty easy to make and very tasty, although a little on the spicy side for me. But it was nice to make something with a different flavor – like I said, I never would have made something with coconut milk before!

Next, I made the Roasted Mustard Chicken Thighs with Root Vegetable Hash. Again, I used some new ingredients – definitely never thought I’d ever be cooking with rutabaga. This recipe was pretty easy – basically chop up the veggies, make a mustard sauce, slather it over the chicken thighs, and bake.

IMG_0308 (1)

The chicken was soooo good! I am definitely going to use this sauce in the future. The veggies were also good, but there was SO MUCH. You can’t see how deep the pan goes in the picture, but there was probably enough chicken for 2 people and enough veggies for 6 people.

Last, I made the Carrot Coriander Soup. I don’t even have a picture of it – it was not very good although I question why I got it in the first place. I have an immersion blender, but I found it hard to get the texture completely smooth; the taste wasn’t that good either.

In the end, this was the only time I tried Plated. Without another coupon code, I found it to be a little too expensive for me (the plates are usually $12 each). Basically for each new dish you make, you have to pay $24 because you have to buy a minimum of two plates. I wish there was an option for single plates, or smaller portions. It was definitely an interesting thing to try though, and I’ve been looking at their archive of recipes for some new ideas on what to make on my own – a lot of it looks pretty good!


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