Monthly Archives: June 2014

Rangers Ballpark


In my more than a year of being staffed in Dallas, I’ve been lucky enough to go to a few Texas Rangers games, which are always a good time. Rangers Ballpark (now Globe Life Park) is also a good place to get some gluttonous food!


Right near the main entrance, you can get this monstrosity. It’s a 24-inch hot dog topped with chili, cheese and grilled onions. Me carrying this around the ballpark definitely gets┬áme some funny looks. I’ve split this a couple times with someone else. Every time the first few bites are delicious and then towards the end you feel you’ve made a big mistake. It gets soggy and falls apart toward the end, but I’ll happily make this mistake every time.


New to the park this year is bacon on a stick! It is exactly what it sounds like – a delicious slice of smoked hungarian bacon on a stick with maple glaze. It can get a little sticky but it’s definitely worth it.


I’m on a mission to collect ice cream souvenir helmets from every ballpark (I’m a third of the way there) but Texas wins for the best ice cream in the helmet. The ice cream is Blue Bell, which is the brand I grew up with in Louisiana. There are a lot of flavors to choose from, but cookies and cream is always my favorite. It sure beats the frozen yogurt that comes out of a machine at Wrigley.

This is just a sample of the amazing food you can get at Rangers Ballpark – they also have turkey legs, tons of barbeque, and even frozen beer. I can’t wait for my next game!