Shell Shack


Out of all the places I’ve been to in Dallas, Shell Shack is my favorite! However, I think this might be highly influenced by my love for crab in general.

1459826_10103075821865140_1586779978_nMe looking so happy at Shell Shack

Shell Shack just opened in October on the very popular McKinney Avenue. Basically all you do is say what kind of seafood you want (king crab, snow crab, dungeness crab, shrimp, or crawfish), what flavor (cajun, garlic, lemon pepper, the kitchen sink, or naked), and the heat level (mild, medium, hot, diablo). Every time I’ve been there, I’ve gotten a pound of the dungeness crab with the kitchen sink (all of the flavors combined) with mild heat. There’s also the option of getting it “Uptown Style,” where they de-shell all of the crab or shrimp for you. But to me, that’s taking away half the fun!


Once the food is ready, they give you a bib so you won’t get sauce all over your clothes, and then just dump a bag of all your food on the table. There’s also the option of adding corn or potatoes to your bag, which I always do. Even though it’s mild, it still gets pretty spicy for me by the end! I could see how digging through the crab for your meat would be annoying if you aren’t used to it, but at least they do have the Uptown Style option. This is a also a great place to watch a sports game as they have TVs all along the walls.

Finally, they have a very cool hand washer right next to the bar – you stick your hands into these two holes and it’s a rotating spray and that’s surprisingly efficient. I would totally come to Shell Shack every week if I could!


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