Hofmann’s Hots


We are in a lunch rut. In Dallas, we go to the same 6 or 7 places for lunch. There is a reason for this though – they’re all really good places to eat!

Tuesdays are “Hot Dog Tuesdays” – often we go to Hofmann’s Hots in Trinity Groves. The manager even knows my name because he has remembered it from my credit card. This is half creepy and half flattering.

This place has the best hot dogs I’ve ever had. There are many different types, with unique toppings. You can get either a German frank or a kielbasa; I just stick to the German franks. All of the hot dogs come on this amazing soft, toasted bread that is more like Texas toast than a hot dog bun. There are a lot of different sides to choose from, such as tater tots, mac & cheese, beans, and fried onion straws.

Chili Cheese Dog


This is the most basic thing I would ever get here – a simple chili cheese dog. This tastes pretty much how it looks (awesome) and the toast/bun makes it so much better than a regular hot dog.

Himalayan Dog: onion chutney, toasted curry aioli, fried onion straws


I love the fried onion straws on this; I could totally eat a bunch by itself. However, I don’t really like mustard on hot dogs (sorry, Chicago) and this has some on it even though it isn’t listed.

Bruschetta Dog: balsamic tomato, basil, mozzarella cheese


I didn’t order this – I would never order something with so many tomatoes! But my coworker had good things to say about it.

Sweet and Smokey Dog: maple glaze, smoked gouda pimento spread, chopped bacon


Now we’re talkin’! This was really flavorful and a good balance of sweet from the maple glaze and smoky from the pimento spread. And of course, bacon makes everything in life better.

Avocado Pico Dog: avocado, tomato, cilantro, tortilla “confetti”, chipotle ranch


The avocado pico dog is my favorite! Anytime something has guacamole on it, I’m sold. The thin tortilla strips give it a unique crunch to it, and then the avocado pico actually has a little bit of kick to it that makes it interesting.

You can also get these hot dogs as footlongs, which I obviously have done before.


And just so you know, a few of our other lunch staples are:
Mike Anderson’s (great BBQ and I love the beans here)
Avila’s (some of the best Tex-Mex I’ve ever had)
Thai2Go (name is misleading – service is super slow)
Maple & Motor (amaaaazing brisket sandwich)
Buck’s Prime (simple, really good burgers and fries with a lady who reminds me of my mom taking your order)


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