Monthly Archives: August 2012

Del Seoul

Del Seoul is BY FAR my favorite place to eat near me. It’s cheap, quick, and super tasty – what else would you need? Apparently Korean tacos have been a “thing” in L.A. for a couple years now but I haven’t really seen much evidence of the trend until this place. When I brought my friends to this place they described it as “Asian, but fake.” However, whenever you go into Del Seoul, there are always a lot of Asians… that’s how you know an Asian restaurant is actually good!

My parents and I ate here twice when they were in town moving me into my apartment, which is probably also a testament of how good it is. The first time, we ordered a Spicy Tofu Hotpot and a Kalbi plate.  The next time, we got the Bulgogi plate and the Spicy BBQ Pork plate, which are the same as the Kalbi plate, just different meats.

The Kalbi plate is definitely my favorite thing to get here. The plate comes to you sizzling, similar to if you got fajitas from Chili’s.  The short ribs are marinated in some kind of soy sauce, and I have no idea how to describe it in any other way than delicious.  They also throw in some onions, a healthy portion of bok choy, and white rice.  You also get a side of kimchi, which I am too scared to eat.

I also love their tacos, which is what they focus most of their advertising on. One day I got home pretty late and didn’t want to cook and called in an order for three tacos. They said it’d be ready in ten minutes. I was watching American Idol, so I waited until Contestant #2 had sung their last note, and ran out of my apartment and to Del Seoul.  They had my order ready and waiting, and I made it back home in time to watch Contestant #3’s intro package!

Here, I got a fish, chicken, and pork taco.  I’ve also tried their other two tacos, shrimp and kalbi.  They are all good and worthy of being ordered again, but my favorite is definitely the fish taco.  You get this huge piece of fried fish, which is cooked perfectly, and then they top it off with pickled onions and slaw.  All of the tacos have the perfect amount of spiciness to give it a lot of flavor.

They also have steamed dumplings (delicious) and banh mi sandwiches (haven’t tried). If you are in the neighborhood and are looking for something affordable but different, I would highly recommend stopping by Del Seoul!