Blue Tractor BBQ

I didn’t really know where to bring my parents for the one dinner they’d be in Ann Arbor for, so I just decided to bring them to Main Street to let them pick out something.  We parked right in front of the Jolly Pumpkin near Main & E William and I started pointing out things – Italian (Palio, Gratzi), Chinese (Middle Kingdom), seafood (Real Seafood Company), Indian (Shalimar), stir-fry (Mongolian BBQ), brewery food (Grizzly Peak, Jolly Pumpkin), and on and on.  My dad finally decided that he wanted barbeque, so we headed up to the Blue Tractor on Washington St.

I’ve only been to the Blue Tractor once before with my old roommates, and after we were done, one of them said, “Why haven’t we been going here all the time!?” After that, he’s been to the Blue Tractor with his family a lot and, on separate occasions, saw Tim Hardaway Sr. and had a beer with Shane Battier!

My dad decided to get the pulled pork sandwich, while I got the pulled pork sliders and a basket of fries.  My plate was huge!  I was expecting 5 tiny little burgers, but each one was a pretty decent size; I also got a big helping of fries.  I’m not the biggest french fry eater, but these fries were really good.  The pulled pork was a little bit dry, but this was remedied by the barbeque sauces that came with the meal.  They came in four different varieties, described as vinegar BBQ, smoky and sweet, tomato BBQ, and mustard BBQ.  My favorite was definitely the smoky and sweet!  In addition to the taste, a big reason I thought this meal was great was because of the price.  $10 for this whole basket!

My mom got a half rack of baby back ribs and upgraded her fries to sweet potato fries for an extra dollar.  She really liked the sweet potato fries!

The one bad – and really bad – thing about this place was the service.  I think the bartender was the only one taking care of the bar AND a large number of tables.  Getting our food took a long time and it took forever to pay.  So I wouldn’t go here if you’re in a rush… but it’s a great place to get your barbeque fix without breaking the bank!


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