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Ham, Potato and Kale Soup

We had a lot of leftover ham from Christmas, so I was excited when I found this recipe for ham, potato, and kale soup.  We had everything except the kale.  I went to two different grocery stores before finding it at Whole Foods… and then I found out that they have it at the Neighborhood Market Walmart close to my house.  I guess I’ll know for next time!

– 64 oz. chicken stock
– 1 yellow onion, finely chopped
– 2 celery stalks, chopped
– 2 carrots, chopped
– 4 garlic cloves, chopped
– 2 potatoes, skinned and diced
– 1 bunch kale, thinly sliced (without the ribs)
– parmesan cheese (optional)

1.  Saute the onion until translucent, then add the celery, carrots, and garlic and cook for another 2 minutes.
2.  Add the potato, ham, and chicken stock; bring to a boil and then simmer for about 20 minutes.
3.  Add the kale and stir; cook for a minute or two until the kale wilts.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Top with parmesan cheese if desired.



Even though we don’t even have a tree or decorations up, Christmas is an excellent excuse to make gingersnaps!  This recipe was forwarded on to me a few years ago by my bro-in-law, and my roommate and I gobbled up about 60 of these in less than a week during finals time.

– 2 cups all-purpose flour
– 1/2 tsp salt
– 1 tsp cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp ground cloves
– 1 tsp ground ginger
– 1 tbsp baking soda
–  3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) room temperature butter
– 1 cup granulated sugar, plus more for rolling
– 1 egg
– 1/4 cup molasses

1.  Add together the flour, salt, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and baking soda.
2.  In a separate bowl, cream the butter until light and fluffy, gradually adding the 1 cup of sugar.
3.  Blend in the egg and molasses to the butter.
4.  Add the flour mixture and combine thoroughly.
5.  Shape the dough into 1-inch balls and roll in granulated sugar. Flatten the balls down and place onto an ungreased baking sheet. Bake for about 6 minutes at 350°.

Delicious Things I Ate Today

beef pho

garlic and ginger blue crab

Thanks parents!!